Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Hypo Averted.

Well, that was an interesting experience. I'm new to this bipolar thing and even newer to monitoring myself to assess where I'm at so a recent experience was a steep learning curve.

It all started with a documentary on a topic that I'm really interested in, so I got very excited about it. To add to the excitement, some people I know appeared in the documentary, so that made it extra exciting! It wasn't until about 2am the next morning when I was too excited to relax and sleep  that I realised that I had tipped over from excited to kind of hypomanic. The next day at work was unpleasant as I'd ended up only getting four hours sleep. I was 'buzzy' and irritable and knew I had to do something, so that night I raised the doses of my meds, and took enough to knock me out by 8pm. I've been on the higher dose for 12 days now and seem to be evening out so I might start reducing back to maintenance dose in a day or two.

At a visit to my psychiatrist six days after this started I told him what had happened, and what I had done. He said I had done the right thing with my meds. Go me! Maybe I'm getting this thing figured out after all!

So for this time at least, the score is Me: 1, Bipolar: 0 and I'm going to celebrate this small victory.

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